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2nd conference of "Women as Peacemakers through Religion"

The Second joint International conference of "Women as Peacemakers through Religion” was held in Gothenburg on 3-7 Sep.2008. 25 Christian and Muslim women from Iran ,America ,Senegal ,Ethiopia , Pakistan, Finland ,Germany ,Bosnia ,Palestine ,Greece ,Turkey, Syria participated in this conference sharing  their thoughts on Cultures , Religions and Politics, focusing on how religion, which is often blamed to cause violence, can move people toward peace.

The three year conference on "Women as Peacemakers through Religion is a joint project between Institute for Inter-religious Dialogue (Tehran, Iran) and World Council Of Churches (Geneva, Swiss) . The First conference with participation of 20 women from different places around the world, took place in Tehran, Iran in Nov.2007. In the second conference taking place in Gothenburg, Sweden in Sept. 2008, the participants tried to clarify the basis of building Peace through Religion. All participants were welcomed by the Bishop and the Mayor of Gothenburg. It is decided to hold the third conference in Senegal.

The First  Conference was held in Tehran, Iran in 2007.

Updated Date: 2009

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