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Hidden in Dust in the film festival of "In The Mind's Eye 2008"

The 4th annual "In The Mind’s Eye" which took place in Winter 2008, a series of films related to youth, families and addiction were screened in Waterloo, Canada. This forum is organized by the Community Safety & Crime Prevention Council of Waterloo, CANADA. In the Section "A Journey into Afghanistan and Iran", Hidden in Dust produced and directed by Mahboubeh Honarian was among films to be screened in the film Forum on Nov. 2008.

An exceptionally rare opportunity to view films that offer a glimpse of life through the eyes of those who use or have used psychoactive substances, those attempting to beat an addiction, and those affected by problematic substance use such as children, teens, parents, friends and others.

Hidden In Dust is a 40 Min. documentary that reveals the desperate lives of young Iranian men and women who talk about how they became addicted to drugs and the overall rise in drug use in the society.

Updated Date: Dec. 2008

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